Kernom Ridge Overdrive
Kernom Ridge Overdrive

Kernom Ridge Overdrive

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From Kernom:

Get the perfect tone

No matter if you are looking for an overdrive to play blues or heavy guitar riffs, the MOOD knob on the RIDGE is an intuitive and unique way to access all clipping flavors:


symmetrical, asymmetrical, soft or hard clipping,

and everything in between. 

Sculpt your drive

When it comes to drive pedals it is always a matter of compromise regarding the interaction between the EQ section and the drive knob.


This is not the case anymore with the RIDGE. Change the way the pedal reacts to your guitar with the PRE TONE knob, how it interacts with your amp with the POST TONE knob, how you cut through or blend in the mix with the MID knob. 

Future ready

Pushing further your creativity, the RIDGE overdrive will stay at your side for every occasion. From your bedroom to the studio, or even in live situations, Kernom has your back with a set of modern features.


One onboard favorite preset with direct access and 128 MIDI-controlled ones, or real time control of your sound by morphing presets via the expression input.