Fuzz Imp Shroot Original
Fuzz Imp Shroot Original
Fuzz Imp Shroot Original
Fuzz Imp

Fuzz Imp Shroot Original

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The Original 3 Knob Drive That Started it All is Back!


3 simple controls that are highly interactive and musical. Cleanish tones like Tubescreamer style boost, thick Amp-like drive, and super responsive feel are all trademarks of this glorious offering.

Controls are simple:

Bears: Volume


Tons of boost potential well over unity volume for extra drive into your amp


Beets: Gain


At minimum level (to the left) virtually clean boost and crank it for maximum saturation


Battlestar Galactika: Tone


To the left is a warmer filter and crank it for a bit of extra edge and even feels like more gain!


A killer graphic with references to everyone’s lovable character, this pedal packs a serious punch! A wide range of mild, amplike overdrive through seriously heavy, screaming modern high gain while retaining clarity and never being muddy.

Handmade in Oregon.