Strymon BigSky used
Strymon BigSky used
Strymon BigSky used
Strymon BigSky used
Strymon BigSky used
Strymon BigSky used

Strymon BigSky used

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This pedal is in very good condition. 

From Strymon:


The new pinnacle of what a reverb pedal can be has arrived.

In BigSky MX, raw computational power meets innovative design and consummate sonic craftsmanship to give you positively sublime reverbs with stunning new levels of richness and complexity.

These are sounds to inspire new creative works and endless hours of playing.

BigSky MX packs a remarkable amount of premium features into a single pedal.

>12 World-Class Reverb Machines

BigSky MX features seven brand-new algorithms in addition to significant enhancements to the other classics.

>Two Reverbs At Once

Dual reverbs can be routed in Series, Parallel or Split modes, and individually panned per engine.

> 10s Stereo Impulse Response Capability

Access full IR editing functionality, as well as custom long captures of classic studio gear.

> Stereo Inputs and Outputs

Unlock massive width and presence with full stereo I/O featuring our discrete Class A JFET input preamps.

> Dedicated Infinite/Freeze Footswitch

Create lush pads to play over, or infinitely sustain any notes played for unique atmospheric effects.

> Full MIDI Control And More

Change presets and control parameters with MIDI via USB-C, TRS, or DIN connections. Adjust controls on the fly via an expression pedal. All this and more in an elegant, easy-to-use pedal.