Gremlin Whiplash
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Gremlin Whiplash

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From Gremlin Machine Shop:

If you are a HM-2 collector then this will be an ultra rarity built with extremely high quality for the price, and lifetime warranty.


FEATURES : Built closely (but not exactly) to original specs and components, has a few updates to my choice of specs including op amps, diodes, Mids & High pot values/tapers, and the Gain knob range (tighter). This is fully intended for overdriving a dirty amp channel into chainsaw mode.


Added the "Mids Assign" toggle switch to re-couple the MIDS control back to the HIGH knob like the original Boss unit. Cool feature for having a secondary scooped tone dialed and ready with a flip. Or just to be sure you are in a the stock configuration.


There are additionally two internal dipswitches for changing the diode configurations but it is not recommended to mess with them.