Gremlin Machine Shop System Collapse
Gremlin Machine Shop System Collapse
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Gremlin Machine Shop System Collapse

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Deluxe version of SYSTEM COLLAPSE is adding a separate clean volume control, especially for bass guitar (killer on guitar also, and downtuned axes). This retains original signal content, and can also improve the sound quality going into pedals that come later in the signal chain.

This is the ultimate fully decked out RAT-type pedal...we cannot make it any better than this without going totally overboard on extra features.

Dual GAIN modes (2nd footswitch activated), NOS LM300-series op amp, 3-way CLIP mode selector, Bass/Treble controls, independent CLEAN volume knob capable of 110% original output (can also be used just as a clean boost!), and as usual it has pedalboard friendly top-mounted jacks. You can isolate or balance the levels of the MASTER dirt knob and CLEAN volume knob to fully control your optimum sound.

Clipping modes: Vintage (stacked silicons), Turbo (LED's), Ultra (op amp only).

October 1st, 2020 original release date.