Fuzz Imp Sender V3 Compact Black/Gold
Fuzz Imp

Fuzz Imp Sender V3 Compact Black/Gold

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From Fuzz Imp:

This pedal has 2 simple controls—volume and gain—and a 3-way mode selector switch.

The bottom setting is fully saturated clipping. A roaring warm distortion that can stack anywhere in your chain, with boosts and overdrives tightened up well.

The middle setting bumps up the volume a lot as the clipping diodes are removed. A secret setting here is to roll gain back to zero and use the pedal as a powerful thick boost! Also tons of gain and punch on tap.

Top setting is hybrid clipping, also big volume boost like the middle setting and very warm in the top end. Solo notes on the plain strings bloom into lovely fat vintage fuzz sounds while things still stay warm and tight.

Powered by 9V DC Center-Negative “Boss Style” 100ma power supply (not included).