Fuzz Imp Limited Edition Adventure
Fuzz Imp Limited Edition Adventure
Fuzz Imp Limited Edition Adventure
Fuzz Imp

Fuzz Imp Limited Edition Adventure

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From Fuzz Imp:

The Adventure has several NEW features not found in any other Fuzz Imp products including clean blend, octave-up fuzz and 2-band treble, and bass active EQ.

This compact multitool is a must-need on any adventure into new sonic territory. This pedal has 6 controls and can yield a very wide range of textures. It essentially is 3 independent but blendable circuits: an Octave Fuzz, a heavy scooped fuzz, and a clean preamp.

High and Low controls work as you’d expect, but are both active. Cut and boost and are universal for all sounds effectively acting as the master EQ mix

The Blend control is the mix of clean preamp with fuzz (both varieties).

Clean volume controls the overall volume of the clean preamp and, in conjunction with blend, lets you balance with some fuzz or on its own.

Octave blends in the Intensity of the octave-up fuzz and is independent of the main Op amp driven fuzz.

Fuzz blends in the gain of the secondary (not octave) fuzz.

Standard 9V DC Center-Negative power supply (Boss Style).